Modern Capital Concepts, Inc. is a benefit corporation financial services firm. In addition to maximizing profits for shareholders we seek to fulfill our mission for the benefit of the communities in which we operate.


    Our mission is to empower working families, professionals, retirees and small business owners to establish positive financial behaviors, grow their wealth and pursue their life goals through an interdisciplinary approach combining financial education and personalized counseling.


    We are committed to our community by sponsoring financial clinics to low-income residents and donating a portion of profits to community organizations.




    Since 1998, I have worked in the stock markets as a technologist, client service manager and corporate strategist. I have witnessed the downfall of major institutions and rode through the stock market's highs and lows.


    Despite the turbulence of the past 19 years, I love my job. One thing that excites me about financial markets is that every few years the world as we know it transforms and everything we think we know just ain't so. In certain instances, some stocks may be less risky than some bonds. Surprisingly, some technology companies may be a better source of dividends than some industrial companies (however, dividends are not guaranteed).


    Companies are changing and the financial products sold to investors are changing as well. Every year, there are new investment products and strategies that could potentially help or harm the consumer if they are not fully informed. There is no way around it, investing involves risk, including loss of principal.


    At the heart of companies is innovation, but this innovation is constrained by outdated thinking. Traditionally, stock prices reflect management’s ability to create value for shareholders, but, in my view, eventually companies will likely be valued for their impact on the larger society. This is modern capital.


    I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. I solve personal problems through the lens of finances. My clients are individuals, families, and small business owners who need advice on budgeting, saving, getting out of debt, and balancing saving for retirement with saving for their children's education. I advise clients going through divorce on the short and long-term implications of financial settlements. I also enable individuals and families to make the transition to retirement and provide strategies that work to generate income for retirees. For non-profits, I provide financial education seminars and one-on-one consults for employees.


    Clients pay for financial planning and investment advisory service through an asset-based fee, but hourly fees and quarterly fees are also possible. The range of annual costs to clients is typically $775 to $20,000. For asset-based fee clients, this is paid out of the value of holdings.


    My costs are transparent to clients and I work with all clients to make sure their costs are appropriate for their current situation and long-term goals.


    Check the background of investment professionals associated with this site on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.


    Everyone deserves high-quality, objective, financial advice regardless of age, income, career-stage or level of assets.

    The primary responsibility of the financial advisor is your financial well-being.

    This is accomplished through

    1. asset allocation and rebalancing
    2. product selection
    3. managing costs
    Asset-based fees include investment management and financial planning. In the case of hourly or quarterly fee financial planning clients, the scope of services is determined by the financial planning agreement. For investors desiring socially responsible/sustainable ESG portfolios, the asset minimum is $25,000. All other strategies have a $100,000 household minimum.


    What is the benefit of having a financial planner?

    If you are facing a major life decision or transition, such as retirement, divorce, quitting your job to start a business or planning for college education expenses, it makes sense to hire a highly skilled and experienced professional who can provide objective advice, analyze the financial implications of possible paths and is willing to disagree with you to help you make an informed decision. A great financial planner is someone who has "got your back" financially.

    Next Steps

    1. Download service offering and costs for 2018.
    2. Schedule a call or Skype to discuss the service plan appropriate for you.
    3. Prep for your first meeting by downloading and completing the cash flow balance sheet risk worksheets and email to us in advance.
    4. Have your financial statements (investments, insurance policies, tax returns, etc.) available for the first meeting either electronically (preferred) or in print.

    Modern Capital Concepts has programs and resources for people who want to build their investing acumen and money skills

    You are an absolute beginner

    1. Go to the @moderncapitalconcepts Facebook page for upcoming Investing 101 seminars in Chicago.
    2. Ask your employer to bring Modern Capital Concepts into your workplace for a lunch'n'learn on topics such as Women and Money, Investing 101, Life Planning and Essential Money Skills for Young Professionals.
    3. Attend the Federal Reserve Bank's Money Smart Week held annually in cities across the US.

    You know something about investing

    1. Learn about sustainable and ESG investing from LPL Financial's research team.
    2. Read about Rebalancing basics with a hypothetical asset allocation.
    3. Check out Infographics on the economy, what moves the stock market and other thought leadership.
    4. Facebook is our blog for all things economic: @moderncapitalconcepts.

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    Financial planning offered through Modern Capital Concepts, Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor in the states of Illinois and Texas and separate entity from LPL Financial.


    Securities and advisory services are offered through LPL Financial, a Registered Investment Advisor, member FINRA /SIPC.




    For clients outside of Illinois, we meet primarily via Skype.

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    Do you possess top-notch analytical skills, but lead with your heart? Modern Capital Concepts is searching for talent with whom to partner, mentor and hire. You should possess at minimum an undergraduate degree from a top school, passed the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER exam and have leadership experience. The job will be tailored to the individual hired.


    Benefits of working for Modern Capital Concepts are competitive salary with generous health insurance, retirement and flex-time benefits. Send your resume to khloe@moderncapitalconcepts.com.


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